Importance is relevant. Relevant to religion, income level, geographic location, age, occupation, family, education level, but what is important is not the same to everyone. Beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and culture in general terms are always important, but differing and dependent on life relevance.

Even the necessary things to stay alive are not considered equally important to different people. A struggling model would shun food, a basic necessity of valuable nutrients, to consume a diet comprised of tissues and water only. Why? To feel full without gaining weight in order to be even thinner just in hopes of being the next over-glorified clothing hanger. Because obtaining an extremely difficult idealistic beauty is more meaningful to maintain a materialistic job.  A thousand dollar handbag too minuscule to carry a wallet would delight red carpet celebrities and fashion bloggers, while most others would consider such things a silly waste of resources…even if we may secretly desire a similar thing ourselves just for the wonderful feeling of owning a pretty, unnecessary asset.

What is important to someone else may not be important to me, and they have no obligation to consider what i think important to be the same for them. Perhaps occasionally they could give the same consideration and accept that their concerns are not universal and should not be thrust upon everyone in reach.

If planning to knock on the door asking “have you heard the good news” in order to talk about Jesus Christ, please carry a plate of cookies- Cookies are always good news.